Development strategy

In the period of 2021-2023, FPT desires to become a trusted partner of businesses and organizations, committing itself to bringing excellent digital experiences for management and operation based on near real-time data platforms.

In order to achieve that objective, FPT has designed an action plan that incorporates a balanced and holistic framework encompassing of the three dimensions of: Business, Technology and People.

For large enterprise customers:

FPT focuses on expanding and promoting comprehensive DX services and solutions, from consulting to deployment. In particular, focusing on providing emerging technology solutions and platforms such as RPA, Lowcode, AI, Blockchain, etc. along with transformation and operational management services of Cloud computing and IT infrastructure.

For SME customers:

FPT continues to develop and expand the portfolio of Made-by-FPT solutions, towards an All-in-One platform that can connect with third party’s services and solutions.

For individual customers:

FPT aims to provide them with amazing experiences, through the implementation of new management solutions and platforms.

Business orientations in 2021

Technology sector

Overseas market

Continuing providing a comprehensive suite of technology and DX solutions for global markets with an ambitious goal of 50% growth. Seizing the opportunity from the IT partner centralization trend that currently takes place in key markets, FPT will focus on Application Management Services and seek to become the leading IT service management partner with a goal of securing some 20 mega deals.

Domestic market

Focusing on private, large enterprise customers; Maintaining the leading position in the Banking and Government sectors, at the same time expanding new sales channels to all provinces and cities nationwide. Focusing on developing Made-by-FPT solutions with target revenue increase of 50%. Promoting Cloud business and the development of Made-by-FPT Cloud platform and accelerating comprehensive DX consultation services.

Telecommunications sector

Telecommunications Services

Exploring new sales channels to help maintain the 2-digit subscriber growth rate. Promoting the development of new products and services with value-added services on Cloud and AI platforms.

Digital content services

Leading the marketing and digital communication market with Integrated Marketing and Communication (IMC) products. Promoting the new service chain of events.

Education sector

Continuing to promote enrolment, expanding new majors and programs. Promoting DX in the operation of the sector, in students’ activities and learning experiences and following the orientation of “Experience Success” in schools. Ensuring the quality of training through accreditation programs, implementing ISO 21001 for educational organizations, attaining QS ranking and improving faculty expertise.